2019-2020 Executive Board

Each local club elects officers and works independently on various projects in their community. Below is a list of the PWC officers elected for the 2019-2020 year:

  • President: Sheryl Borden
  • First Vice-President (Civic Chair): Cindy Miller
  • Second Vice-Presidents (Program Chairs): Betsy Chavez and Wanda Pettus
  • Third Vice-President (House Chair): Melody Pierson
  • Recording Secretary: Gloria Waggoner
  • Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Gentry
  • Treasurers: Linda Short and Kristin Kuhlmann
  • Immediate Past President: Amber Hamilton
  • Parliamentarian: Gaynelle Thomas

Seven Standing Committees

Auditing Committee — Audit the books of the Treasurer by July 1 and report to the executive board for approval.

Civic Committee — Responsible for leadership in suggesting and carrying out creative and worthwhile projects of value to the community.

Finance/Budget Committee — Prepare the proposed budget for approval by the Executive Board. Present the proposed budget to the club membership at the September meeting for study and at the October meeting for approval. Be responsible for fundraising projects.

Hospitality Committee — Perform all acts of courtesy for the club, such as select and purchase a suitable book for the Portales Public Library as a gift in memory of a deceased member and purchase a gift for outgoing President and present the gift at the Installation Meeting in May.

House Committee — Have charge of rentals, collection of rentals, maintenance of building, grounds, and all club furnishings. Prepare, with the assistance of the House Chair, a written inventory for filing at the meeting in September. Two members of this committee shall be retained each year to serve for the coming year.

Membership Committee — Seek to build up the membership of the club. Encourage regular club attendance. See that all new members are welcomed into the club membership. When members are absent from multiple club meetings, contact them and encourage their attendance.

Program Committee — Be responsible for the presentation of each club program. Provide a token of appreciation to the guest speakers.

Appointed Committees

Members can also serve on the following appointed committees: Audit, Bylaws, Conservation, Education/Scholarship, Fine Arts, International Outreach, Newsletter/Scrapbook, Yearbook, and Peanut Festival.