Diversified farmland portfolios for institutional investors

PWClub's’ permanent crop operations are conducted by Local farmers. We offers our clients a vertically-integrated farmland investment manager with operations strength, which is unparalleled in the industry today.

The structure allows us to optimize our human and capital resources across the full spectrum of our integrated organization—improving our ability to deploy best management practices, monitor property performance, and source and close deals. In addition, the increased alignment enhances our risk management and stewardship programs, and deepens our connections in local marketplaces nationwide.

Agricultural investments seek to provide institutional investors with a number of benefits including:

  • Attractive returns
  • Excellent capital preservation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Low to moderate risk
  • Low correlation to traditional assets such as equities and bonds

We are committed to meeting the highest standards for agricultural property management. We combine leading farm management techniques with outstanding environmental stewardship to provide maximum value to our clients.

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